Spicy Edamame – soy beans stir fried with sesame oil, seven spice, soy sauce and garlic 6

Asian Fries – sweet potatoes served with spicy aioli 6

Agedashi Nasu – Japanese eggplant topped with bonito flakes in a light ginger soy sauce 5 (v)

Agedashi Tofu – breaded tofu topped with bonito flakes, fried shallots and sesame oil 5 (v)

Meat & Poultry

Gyoza – pan fried pork and vegetable potstickers, served with a spicy sesame soy sauce 6

Wasabi Shu Mai – pork dumpling infused with light wasabi 6

Enoki Beef – enoki mushrooms and red onions wrapped in thinly sliced ribeye, drizzled with teriyaki sauce 6

Pork Belly Sushi – pork belly braised in sake, mirin and shoyu, served on top of futokaki rice 12

*Ying Yang Wings – Spicy chicken wings (ying) served with a sweet & sour sauce (yang) 7


Takoyaki – crispy octopus puffs with Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, futokaki and katsu sauce 6

Ahi Grilled Rice – grilled futokaki rice topped with ahi tuna, red onions, tobiko and mayo 9

Tuna Tartare – Ahi tuna, red onions, sesame oil and seven-spice, served with wonton chips 10

Infused Hamachi – yellowtail sashimi topped with mint leaves, jalapenos, fried shallots and red onions, drizzled with a house made ponzu sauce 16

Grilled Prawns – grilled tiger prawns with a garlic herb sauce, served with futokaki rice 12

Salmon Wrap – salmon sashimi wrapped dungeness crab, tobiko and red onions, topped with a special house sauce 12

Salmon Carpaccio – salmon sashimi topped with asiago cheese, jalapenos, capers, red onions and micro greens 14

Fresh Oysters – fresh oysters on half shell served with tobiko, green onions and ponzu sauce 12

Greens & Soups

House Salad – mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions in a house cream dressing 5

Zen Salad – mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, red onions and cilantro in a house vinaigrette 6

Roast Duck Watercress Salad – watercress, red onions, tomatoes and roasted duck in an ume dressing 8

Soup of the day

Noodles & Pasta

Zen Pasta – clams, tiger prawns, Thai basil and shallots in a cream sauce with spaghetti 14

Mentaiko Spaghetti – stir fried spaghetti with salty fish roe, garlic, enoki mushrooms and red onions, topped with parmesan cheese 10 (add prawns 13)

Fusion Pizza

Sushi Pizza – flat bread, spicy aioli spread, seared ahi tuna, tomatoes, red onions and micro greens 15

Zen Beef Carpaccio – pesto and mozzarella cheese pizza, topped with thinly sliced rare beef, red onions, capers, micro greens, asiago cheese and ponzu sauce 14

*Pork Belly & Kimchi – pesto, mozzarella cheese, braised pork belly and kimchi 15


Fish & Chips – panko crusted basa and Asian fries, served with house made spicy aioli and tartar sauce 12

Teriyaki Salmon – grilled salmon and seasonal vegetables with teriyaki sauce, and served with futokaki rice 14

Basa – pan fried basa with a lemon caper sauce, served with futokaki rice 12

Chicken Teriyaki – grilled boneless dark meat chicken with teriyaki sauce, served with futokaki rice 9

Chicken Katsu – panko crusted dark meat chicken with katsu sauce, served with futokaki rice 10

Ribeye – grilled rib eye topped with feta cheese and roasted red onions, served with futokaki rice 18

Basil Fried Rice – fried rice with beef, red onions and Thai basil 9 (v)

*Kimchi Fried Rice – fried rice with beef, red onions, and spicy radish 9 (v)

Salmon Tobiko Fried Rice – fried rice with salmon, tobiko, red onions, and enoki mushrooms 11

Steam Clams or Mussels – choice of Manila clams or Prince Edward mussels sautéed in a Thai basil and lemongrass broth, served with baguette bread 13

Mix Clams and Mussels – Manila clams and Prince Edward mussels sautéed in a cream sauce with shallots and Thai basil, served with baguette bread 15


(v) Available vegetarian upon request